What is Social Emotional Learning?

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is defined as a process for helping children gain critical skills for life effectiveness, such as developing positive relationships, behaving ethically, and handling challenging situations effectively (Zins et al., 2007). Specifically, strategies that foster SEL help children to recognize and manage emotions, think about their feelings, and how they should act, and regulate behavior based on thoughtful decision making (AOTA, 2013).

Strengthening Social Competencies

At Children’s TheraPath, we are passionate about helping children develop the tools they need to feel successful in a variety of social settings. We facilitate social and emotional learning during individual sessions and Social-Motor groups. We focus on developing the building blocks needed for meaningful and successful social participation.

Foundational areas addressed:

  • Awareness of one’s body in relation to others and respecting personal space boundaries

  • Sensory modulation

  • Emotional regulation

  • Attending and staying with the group

  • Turn-taking and sharing

  • Initiating, organizing and executing a plan with peers

  • Awareness of how one’s behavior affects other people in the group

Social Competence = Social Confidence = Social Success